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Maintaining consistent and elegant visual communication for a private equity firm


Elegant and trustworthy communication is essential when it comes to organisations working within the financial sector.

New website

6 languages
mobile first

Subko&co client landing page desktop version
Subko&co client landing page mobile version


Enterprise Investors is one of our long-term clients. They have trusted us with designing and building their website and landing pages, as well as creating numerous digital publications over the course of several years.

Subko&co client landing page detail showing the business landscape
Subko&co client online publication layout


The new website layout we designed has increased the number of sessions by 25% and page views by 40%, thanks to its modern appearance, compliant with the best UX practises. Knowing the importance of mobile traffic, we put an extra effort into designing a mobile version of the website, making sure it looks great in each of its 6 language versions.

We invited subko&co to evaluate our existing website vis à vis regional and global peers and to advise us on best web design practice across different sectors. The team helped us understand our own needs and conceptualize the end product, so thanks to their insight we knew what to redesign and improve. At Enterprise Investors we’re extremely proud of our long history and the corporate identity we have built over the years. We wanted our website to reflect that but at the same time we wanted a modern tool that would help us understand and moderate our online audience. I think we succeeded on both counts.
Anna Czywczyńska
Enterprise Investors