You’ve only got one name. It takes courage and confidence to use it as a name of your company.

And we are confident in our ability to deliver the quality you expect.

Why? Because we choose our team members wisely. We are sure they are masters of their trade, experienced professionals with a track record of successfully facilitating big projects for global players, high-paced startups and demanding clients.

we are not a big corp
and we are going to stay this way

subko & co great team in the office

As a small team, our focus is on working intelligently, quickly, and with agility, which serves as our unique advantage. Despite not getting investors at this stage, we leverage cutting-edge technologies, including performance marketing and artificial intelligence, to optimize our processes and offer innovative solutions. This approach allows us to dynamically respond to market needs and effectively compete, maintaining a high quality of service and fostering a culture of innovation and efficiency within our nimble organization.

What we value above everything are long-lasting relationships based on trust, honesty and transparency.
A client coming back for more and spreading a good word about us means to us more than an exponential growth and a corner office.

employees of subko & co at work
employees of subko & co at work

it’s about
being good
at what you do,
and still getting


an ability to do something skilfully, with outstanding craftmanship. A real vocation that is part of a person’s everyday life.

We set off in 2013 with a mission to provide digital services for francophonic markets in our heads and the spirit of métier in our hearts.

subko & co founder

This spirit was inspired by our founder’s life and studies in Paris, followed by love for everything French, the French attitude to work and craftsmanship philosophy included.

Métier is about putting your identity into the work you do. It’s about being good at what you do, and still getting better. It’s about respecting and celebrating your work as your creation. It’s part of who we are within and outside of working hours.

window view

Building long-lasting relationships full of mutual trust is at the core of métier. It brings us personal and professional satisfaction. In the rapidly evolving world of digital marketing it’s more important than ever. This is how we want to work – the French way.