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Helping new natural beauty brand thrive


Ala Natural Beauty is a skincare brand launched by a Polish supermodel Kasia Struss. The newly-launched brand needed a marketing partner who would kick off their online presence.

Google Ads
Facebook Ads
Google Analytics set-up

Subko&co client, Ala's summer set campaign with girl running on a beach
Subko&co client, Ala's summer set campaign showing three key products of the line on a grey background


We provided Ala Natural Beauty with a set of performance services necessary to launch the brand’s online shop. We created a “minimum viable service” package for a digital kick-off – enough to give the brand a push, but within the budget of a startup. We set up all analytical tools and launched the first campaigns, raising brand awareness and supporting sales.

Subko&co client, Ala's basic set product campaign with a girl washing her face and applying a cream


We brought the first traffic and conversions to the website, helped the brand to kick off their organic presence and to launch influencer campaigns.

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