Only 15% of European entrepreneurs are women. Being a female‑owned and female‑run business makes us really unique. We are proud of it, and willing to pay it forward.

Subko & co and friends at marketing conference

But for us, these are more than just fashionable buzzwords. We believe in women’s communities.

Our great grandmothers would gather together, support each other and share the generational knowledge on life, love, food and medicine. We follow this path, only now – we support each other in career and life development and we share the knowledge about the tech, marketing and the fascinating future with its challenges that await us.

A part of our mission is to help other women, non-binary people and allies grow, surpass the boundaries &go forward in their careers and life.

And that’s
why we started

a grassroot marketing-focused female community

We meet every few months to get to know each other in person, make friends, and exchange ideas. We organize discussions, dinners, networking meetings and workshops. We are online based, but we value face-to-face interactions and creating bonds that last.

Does that sound like
a place for you?

Stay tuned for further

We proudly support and contribute to other initiatives that empower women all over the world, such as:

Subko & co founder at Dreamers & Doers meeting


a community of remarkable women: entrepreneurs, investors, journalists and professionals of all kinds, that facilitates real-life connections and making things happen.

Subko & co founder at Dreamers & Doers meeting

a community for women who are curious about the world of web3. We were lied to that new, decentralized tech and finance is a boys’ club. SheFi encourages women from around the world to learn, invest and earn – and to do it in pink, because girl power, that’s why.

Subko & co founder at SheFi meeting


We want to be the change we want to see in the world. That’s why every now and then we organize dinners for our informal female community. We drink wine and discuss creativity, future, life, marketing and everything in between, from women’s perspectives.