french dermocosmetics Pierre Fabre


Introducing the French dermocosmetics brand to Polish customers


Pierre Fabre launched their first e-commerce shop in Korea, but the project that worked well in the Korean market had to be adjusted to Polish customers’ preferences.

E-commerce strategy
Google Ads
Facebook Ads
Google Analytics

french dermocosmetics Pierre Fabre
french dermocosmetics Pierre Fabre
french dermocosmetics Pierre Fabre
french dermocosmetics Pierre Fabre


We thoroughly analysed the Polish e-commerce beauty market and listed 77 UX recommendations for the new Pierre Fabre DermoCosme Shop. We prepared a launch campaign, complete with a versatile performance strategy and retention system.

french dermocosmetics Pierre Fabre
Subko&co client, Pierre Fabre product campaign of Elancyl Slim Design line
Subko&co client, Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosme Shop redesigned landing page

Subko&co client, Pierre Fabre product campaign banner of Elancyl Slim Design line

We used affiliation and performance tools as well as newsletters and landing pages to create a funnel, leading customers straight to the purchase.

french dermocosmetics Pierre Fabre

Our campaigns have built a high level of trust with customers, driven a high number of direct traffic and increased the number of returning customers.

french dermocosmetics Pierre Fabre

We have managed to achieve a high ROAS through regular optimisation and AB tests performed on our campaigns.

Mother's Day by Pierre Fabre landing page


We have equipped Pierre Fabre with a comprehensive marketing package that enabled them to effectively test the Polish market. We have also managed to achievemore than 450% ROAS on our search and shopping campaigns.

french dermocosmetics Pierre Fabre
We commissioned subko&co to provide us with a benchmark study of the Polish ecommerce market and UX consulting for the eCommerce project Pierre Fabre Dermo‑Cosmetics. subko&co provided us with a comprehensive research that outperformed our initial expectations, the level of information was extremely detailed and helped us clearly in order to prepare eCommerce in Poland (legal, finance, 3PL services, data privacy). We were definitely very satisfied with their work and I strongly recommend subko&co for any local or international brands which want to deploy eCommerce activities in Poland. We are now working with them on a marketing strategy for our e-shop. We appreciate their professionalism, dedication and fresh ideas.
Grégory RAGOT
Global eCommerce Director
Pierre Fabre Dermo‑Cosmetics