Sometimes the flavor of tasty ingredients aren’t enough and you need some premium marketing. That’s why the French brand Gula (selling nuts and dried fruit online) reached out to us and asked us to manage their sales campaigns on their social media. We couldn’t say “no” of course to foodies looking for help!

Our long-term collaboration with Le Rustique was launched in 2017 and focused on promoting Camembert and Raclette – two main products that deserve a round of applause from all foodies. Having led the campaigns in the summer and winter, we crunched some numbers and came to the realization that there’s a huge amount of potential for an ongoing, year-round campaign.

Sometimes it’s just better to start from scratch. Redesigning the entire website of Gula was a complex task in which we needed to rely on our experience, knowledge and visual taste. And, of course, our workflow!

Making a leap from a debutant to a respected brand in no time? Quite a challenge! Pierre Fabre Dermocosmetique opened its first online store in Europe in November 2018. The goal was to grow the Dermo-Cosme Shop Brand, link it back to other Pierre Fabre Brands (Eau Thermale Avene, Klorane, Galenic, A-Derma), and build a database of loyal customers.

“How to tell a story about the future of technology and gaming?” – while seeking a digital solution for Ovid Works, this was the key challenge we needed to face. Developing games for PCs, consoles, and VR, this Warsaw-based studio needed a visually appealing website that connected with the studio’s DNA.

There’s no better way to start the day than with a cup of coffee -that’s why we introduced Auchan’s clients to the brand’s coffee blends with a great deal of pleasure. Even though we could talk about coffee for hours, we wanted to keep it simple – that’s why we distinguished the coffee’s detailed descriptions and prices.