Outrace the big players: the new marketing channels

Outrace the big players - the new marketing channels

The online marketing landscape is changing fast, in a couple of years, the rules of the game may be totally different. Experimenting with the channels that still remain overlooked, may bring you unexpected profits. Let’s see what’s worth paying attention to. 


Google: not as profitable as you think

10 years ago, Google Adwords (now Google Ads) was an Eldorado to those wanting to acquire customers at a low price. As Google Ads is based on real-time bidding, low competition means low cost per click, resulting in low-cost customer acquisition.

However, Google Ads has now reached maturity and most of the keywords have a required bid equal to what advertisers are ready to spend for a click. And this bid can be impressively high, like 40$ per click to appear on the first page (not even the first position).

In order to be profitable with Google Ads, an advertiser needs to have an advanced understanding of the platform. Indeed, a broad and aggressive Google Ads campaign won’t be profitable anymore. When it comes to profitability, it will be easier to reach for companies from a niche market with a narrowly targeted audience.

Facebook: still worth your money

Facebook Ads, however, is still quite a young network and the advertisement space it provides is now still underpriced. Facebook Ads combines a massive advertisement space as it also includes Instagram, with advanced setting and targeting options and last but not least, highly visual ad formats in opposition to Google which offers primarily text-only search result ads. 

You probably don’t remember much about a brand you saw in text-oriented Google Search results. But dollars to donuts, you probably remember many of the ads you saw on Facebook.

Facebook Ads prices have been historically rising and will continue to do so until it reaches a stagnation point. 

When it happens, Facebook Ads will still be a relevant online marketing channel as Google Ads is today, but only combined with advanced campaign management, laser-precise targeting, and highly relevant and contextual ads. It’s a good moment to look at the next underpriced opportunities.

YouTube and TikTok: new big opportunities

YouTube may be one of them. An excellent proven strategy for running ads is to retarget people who had searched for specific keywords on the Google network (including Google Search) and to serve them a Pre-roll Ads. It’s a clever way to target the same keywords as Google Search keywords but, in many cases, for a way lower cost per click.

Being an early adopter of a new online advertisement opportunity can lead to a big win. For example, Amazon became the biggest company in the world by massively advertising on Google’s then underpriced ad space.

A question every online advertiser is asking is, what is the next big opportunity?

One candidate is the video social media TikTok. The app has recently grown its user base at an impressive speed and the organic reach on the platform is very high. TikTok users are younger than on other social media platforms but the audience is expected to get older as the app matures.

Some brands, such as NBA, Guess or the Washington Post are already taking their chance on TikTok, but the competition is still low. The app has a PPC Ad platform already, but advertising is only available in specific countries.

Advertisement shift from traditional media (such as TV or print) to digital media continues. Purchasing behavior also continues its shift from physical store shopping to online shopping. The world’s digital transition is far from being over and before it happens, online advertising will be full of big opportunities. Do you take it into account in your brand strategy?