Micro influencer marketing: Spreading the word about your brand in the most precise way

Micro influencer marketing - blogpost

Recent research on British schoolkids shook the public: 1 in 5 kids aged 11-16 wants to be a social media influencer. But who knows – maybe they are right, as the market is growing even for the smaller players. In this article you will find out more about:

  • who are micro influencers
  • why are they (sometimes) better than Instagram superstars
  • what platforms do they use
  • how to find them 
  • and what to consider before entering a cooperation
  • (and by the way, not bragging but illustrations in this article come from our influencer campaign for Le Rustique)

One of the hottest words in Internet lingo right now, the rise of powerful “influencers” have taken every industry by storm. They have the ability to make money and generate growth at rates and with methods unheard of even in recent years past. This lucrative title isn’t just reserved for the most famous few people with connections in the highest places though.

Another group of influencers, known as micro influencers, have their own pull in specific areas with a niche following. These social media wizzes are known for their unparalleled expertise that can’t be matched. Even someone with perhaps more followers would often have less knowledge of one or two key topics. Although some say that any profile below 100k followers would be a micro influencer, the definition varies from one market to another (100K is something different in the US and something different in Iceland, who is a home to only 364k Icelanders).

Leaving numbers aside, the real power here is zooming in and focusing on the correct audience for you. Micro influencer marketing is now more important than ever before.

The biggest benefit of working with microinfluencers is the fact that a smaller following (and fame) increases perceived closeness and trust. Let’s suppose you are looking for a good suitcase for your first post-covid trip but have no idea where to start from. Who would you turn to for recommendation? Would you ask a well-traveled neighbor who is known in your circle of friends, or Beyonce? (No offence, Bey!).

Beyonce whatever gif

Don’t get us wrong – both macro- and micro- influencers are an interesting marketing possibility, but they just give you different things: a recommendation given by Beyonce gives an extra glam to the product, but a recommendation from your micro-influencer neighbor is worth more in terms of trust.

Fun fact: it has been proven that the sweet spot for engagement is reached when an influencer hits a little short of 1000 followers. After this point, the bigger the following, the smaller the engagement.

statystyki Markerly

The way today’s top micro influencers can work for you and your company, is to directly get word out to your potential customers. Exactly the demographics or industries which you are targeting are involved. Micro influencer marketing is the most successful and competitive in this way. No need to waste your time and money trying to reign in the entire general public with a larger yet less specialized influencer. Too often this leads to the message falling on deaf ears. Next up, we’ll help you to narrow down and find micro influencers; the very best ones for your needs.

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Micro Influencer Platforms

Where can these important collaborators for your brand be found at work? Luckily, there’s no limit to where or how they operate. The most well-known platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are always sure bets, but even the micro influencer platform itself can be just as niche as the content producers on them. Blogging sites like Tumblr (micro-blogging), WordPress, and Blogger still appeal to those looking for blog posts off their own site. Texts are about all or individual products, while linking directly to your online store. For watching and creating videos, short (music-focused TikTok) or short-long (YouTube), are smart ways to have influencers speak about your business on-camera. You are even able to have a certain product or service showcased to their viewers. This can be done specially for promotional purposes, or in conjunction with a related video or song.

The big three mediums mentioned above, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, can be used in somewhat similar fashions. Influencers are able to post in a variety of ways and interactions with others. Video, text, live streams, photos and albums, along with friend and follower lists are all supported ways of communicating with fans. Twitter specializes in small snippets of text, Instagram in photos, and Facebook in being almost like a bulletin board plus yearbook. Depending on your industry, product, or brand, you may wish to use one, several, or all of these micro influencer platforms at once.

Find Micro Influencers

How do you go about finding micro influencers, especially the right ones for your business goals? Knowing where to begin is sometimes the hardest part of the process. Once source of help in this regard is the use of micro influencer agencies. Going this route takes the legwork out on your part, and will be discussed further below. Aggregator websites are another helpful option, specifically when it comes to narrowing down the choices by industry.

  • HYPR is your gateway to discovering millions of micro influencers around the globe, covering topics from A-Z. One of HYPR’s highlights is that it allows searches to be done using 30,000 different categories, yet they don’t even stop there. Individual social media conversations and posts, along with the overall audience engagement level, can also be measured. With that kind of precise specificity, you’re sure to find the right influencer for your unique image and company aims. Try their free trial to get a feel for exactly how the platform operates, before diving straight in.
  • Another database offering a free trial is inBeat, which operates just like a search engine. Straightforward in their approach, they’re also no-nonsense when it comes to spam. Every single one of the social media accounts featured on their website is pre-screened before being added to the list. So, you won’t have to worry about wasting your valuable micro influencer marketing money on fake bots who will get you nowhere, or worse. One thing to note about inBeat is that it focuses on Instagram and TikTok exclusively.
  • Awario, also featuring a tempting free trial, approaches the hunt to find micro influencers a little differently. They run a service known as a social listening influencer tool, which mainly sets out to find out who’s talking about your company online. Scouring the web’s social media sites and beyond, they pinpoint every last mention of your brand or product name, or any other word which you have saved into your settings. Awario helps you to make sense of the findings, in a way that is geared towards choosing the greatest influencers for you.
  • There are other tools like Awario, we highly recommend Brand24 or SentiOne (and not only because they are our client).

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Micro Influencer Agencies

The use of agencies occurs in many industries, and micro influencer agencies operate in the same way as most. Pairing up their represented social media influencers with clients, and ensuring a good fit, is the mission at hand. Sometimes, this can be utilized overlapping with or in association with the aforementioned database tools. For example, inBeat also operates on the agency side.

Specialty agencies, such as INF Influencer Agency, provide connections to influencers from certain types of industries exclusively. In their case, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and parenting take center stage. Other micro influencer agencies are more location-based, making that their draw. The Influence Agency in Montreal, Canada, is dedicated solely to bringing together the city’s influencers with homegrown brands and local businesses of all sizes.

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Hand-picked influencing partners

Of course, you can choose your influencers yourself and while more time consuming, this approach has proven to be more effective for us. Days of scrolling Instagram, asking friends, browsing Facebook groups and analyzing profiles made us discover awesome micro (and medium-) influencers, who did a fantastic job for our campaign for Le Rustique. And by the way – they are the authors of the photos you see in this article.

There are some things you should take into consideration if you want to use micro influencers in your strategy:

  • Big audience is not everything and followers can be bought. You should make sure that your micro influencer has an engaged community, who actively comments and reacts to new content.
  • Check their cooperation history. Some influencers are like a living advertising pole – they would advertise anything – one week you, next week your competition. Needless to say, this is quite counterproductive when it comes to promoting your brand.
  • Make sure you know the goal of your campaign and you align your cooperation with the influencer accordingly. Unboxing will be great for brand awareness, but using a promo code will increase traffic on your website.
  • Make sure your expectations are clear and included in the contract signed by both sides – define what would be a deliverable (A number of visits from their profile? A mention in the end and beginning of their podcast? Including your products in the unboxing? Both sides need to precisely know what they need to do.

We hope you liked this article. If you’d like to know more about micro influencers, you can always ask us – just hit “get a free consultation” here – we’ll gladly answer your questions on how to handle cooperation with micro influencers (or midi, or macro, or Beyonce).