Landing page inspirations & good practices

Landing pages inspiration

Creating a well-designed landing page may be a small step for a mankind but a huge leap for your company. In this blog post we’ll discuss what is a landing page, what it’s not, how to make sure it does its job, and in the very end we are sharing with you the best landing page inspirations!

Your special landing page layout and strategically chosen design elements can not only add creative flair, and a unique edge to your website, but they also provide something much more substantial there. While it isn’t your homepage nor serving the same purpose, the landing page or LP has the crucial role of prompting your visitors with a call to action, or a CTA.

This is where the casual visitor or someone who is maybe about to leave the site, can turn into a regular visitor — and hopefully a loyal customer eventually. It’s with a smart, striking landing page that potential customers already are able to actively give more commitment to your business. After clicking on an advertisement link, they arrive or “land” at your LP. From that point on, and as quickly as possible, it’s time to make the key turnover.

How it’s done

Whether this is achieved by getting visitors to sign up for your newsletter or email updates, or simply inviting and welcoming them to continue exploring the website, these are all important and leading actions. Often you can enhance them by, for example, giving a temporary discount for following through with the action. This is a very helpful way to give more incentive and push behind your CTA initiatives, while catering these options to your exact needs, company type, and overall vibe.

You can make a useful, beautiful landing page which has the power and the looks to intrigue your visitors and keep them always coming back for more. Use this opportunity to give a great first impression and general idea of your business, yet stay focused on the task at hand. The LP’s main use is to capitalize off advertising efforts, such as those coming from pay-per-click ad campaigns and similar endeavors.

In general it’s good to have a one main idea behind designing a landing page, and this idea should answer the question: what does this landing page do? or what is it for? It should have one main goal (and maybe two or three small ones). Here, below you can see a landing page we designed for Le Rustique, a French cheese brand from Normandy. The goal was to give the cheese lovers ideas about how to use cheese in their cooking (so that they buy more cheese and use them in their kitchen). You can read more about our cooperation with Le Rustique here.

Le Rustique landing page

What you’ll need

The way to arrange your landing page display can involve a form or box to fill out, a question or set of questions to answer, or even simply a button to push. The rule of thumb is all about simplicity in this regard, as you don’t want potential customers getting bored or impatient by long and tiring paperwork. Your landing page should be kept clean and direct, in order to lead users in the right direction without going astray.

Whatever your business motivation is for the page, this must be the primary focus. For example, to grow e-mail sign-ups for funding purposes, or to have people sample your product by downloading a free demo of it. Some basic site information may be included in the text or graphics, but too many distractions or other links will only inhibit the process you want. More in-depth, dazzling content can be saved for your homepage and the rest of your website.

Remember to convey the main message and the CTA button in the “above the fold” part of your landing page – the one you see without scrolling (fun fact: this name comes from press, where the most important news would be presented on the upper half of the front page of a newspaper).

See our landing page inspirations!

To really get you going down the right path, we wanted to help you out with finding prime visual samples of landing page inspirations to browse through. We chose 7 eye-candy landing pages that we liked a lot:

1. Recess infused mineral water

We l-o-v-e their matte pastel branding and the corresponding landing page. It’s relaxing, it’s pretty and it’s different – the colors are unusual but look really great. And the landing page is very clear yet intriguing.

recess infused water landing page


2. Proper – a perfect solution for sleepless nights.

This page may seem a bit dull, but it has one hidden cool feature: it changes colors depending on the time of the day. Below you can see the night’s design, in the morning it becomes peachy. It’s calm and it has a clear CTA (and is useful for us, across the pond, who are not sure what time it is in the US).

proper - sleeping solutions


3. Canyon Trail

One glance at this landing page and it’s clear what it does and who is behind it. Plus the owner’s photo gives it a human touch – so rare in the times of isometric graphic design.

canyon trail landing page


4. Bartini – the future of air travel

This landing page is completely different from what we recommended above. It doesn’t have a clear CTA, but if the goal of this landing page is to raise awareness about Bartini’s personal aircraft, they nailed it. It’s an example of a landing page with a great storytelling, it’s well designed and beautifully animated. The only downside may be potential problems with SEO, as there is little content, but it seems to be pretty “heavy” to load.

Bartini the future of air travel


5. Altar – the power of illustration

This must be one of the most unusual SaaS we saw. Altar offers streaming services for churches. Creating a landing page for this software must have been quite a challenge – how to visually combine a cutting edge technology and something as traditional as religion? In this case it’s the illustration that does a job. It would be easy to understand the product even without reading.

altar - landing page inspiration


6. Veiled Fate

This is a landing page for an upcoming board game and we love the intriguing illustration. It’s clearly designed to attract the players and it’s also clear that the creators want to stay in touch with the players – you can sign up for updates.

veiled fate - print screen


7. Period Aisle

The design speaks for itself. This brand is selling reusable sanitary pads (and knickers). What we love here is that it’s not beating around the bush – period is red (not blue, contrary to what mainstream sanitary products adds are trying to tell us) and so is Period Aisle’s landing page. Oh, and they don’t shy away from using the p-word. Period.

Period Aisle landing page


Hungry for more landing page inspirations?

Check out the vast array of colorful options from our curated list of reliable resources below. Using these ideas as a general guideline, you’ll be well on your way to creating a landing page that meets all of your expectations and beyond, in virtually no time at all. You only need to start looking!

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