[INFOGRAPHIC] How did COVID-19 impact e-commerce?

UK - How did COVID-19 impact e-commerce

… and our shopping habits in general?

The global pandemic is not over, but some see a light in the tunnel, so we thought it’s a good time for a summary. We collected a couple of statics from around the world on how COVID-19 has changed our attitude towards e-commerce. The general rule is that the stricter lockdown rules and discipline, the better are the reasons to shop online. European and American e-commerce businesses made a huge leap, not as big as the Chinese ones though.

1. Around the world: China switches to e-commerce much more than Europe does.

It may be the outcome of a longer lockdown and more strict lockdown policy, but e-commerce skyrocketed in China. In some cases, over a half of the respondents say they have bought goods online because of the pandemic. Europe, on the other hand, with relatively loose lockdown rules (we are looking at you, United Kingdom!), is not that eager to change their habits.

Infographic - switching to online shopping


2. France: staying loyal to the current suppliers.

Loose restrictions can be the cause of a relatively small change in e-commerce purchase in France. Over half of the French hasn’t gave up on their visits to charcuteries, pattiseries and fromageries (truth be told – knowing the terrific French food market, one can’t be surprised). Only 16% of the French expressed increased interest in the e-commerce offers.

COVID19 Infographic - France and e-commerce


3. USA: Homecooking supplies on the rise, holidays and events items drop.

The power of social media can’t be stressed enough. Who wasn’t seduced by the Instagram photos bread bakers? (We were – guilty as charged). Bread machine manufacturers are big winners, so are the producents of long shelf life food products. The sales of items associated with travelling and holidays, such as cameras and luggages, dropped. So did the sales of event-related products, such as wedding dresses. American brides are waiting for better times to get married!

USA - How did COVID-19 impact e-commerce


4. UK: a fifth of consumers looked for a new supplier

Just like the French, the British decided not to change their purchasing habits. Just a little over 20% of them decided to look for new retailers, and over a half stayed loyal to the ones they knew.

UK - How did COVID-19 impact e-commerce