I ♥ Marketing 2019 – Short summary

Nathan Dumlao

I ♥ Marketing is not your regular conference. Each of the speakers has no more than 18 minutes to present. It forces the presentation to be brief and to the point, but also, at times, way too general and/or superficial. The conference is organized twice a year for four days. Each of the four days is dedicated to a different topic: ads and analytics, marketing in general, influencers, and social media. 

Some people love it, some – not so much. But there is no doubt that I <3 Marketing is the biggest marketing event in Poland and if you want to stay up to date, you should at least follow it, if not attend. Luckily for those of you who didn’t make it to Warsaw’s Multikino last week, we did attend its autumn edition  and here are some of our insights and takeaways. 

Learning from the experts

Presentation expert Kamil Koziel made a good point with his theory of 4 layers of a presentation. In theory, as marketers we should all be adept at preparing presentations, but it’s a craft that you can never be too good at. Presenting in a well-thought, structured way, answering your audience’s  needs and questions before they even ask them, is a kind of art. Kamil recommends researching your clients’ needs first, then collecting raw material. Once you have it – think about the narrative and add slides, but not too many, just enough to keep them interested. Don’t forget to take some time for training and testing. That’s Kamil’s recipe for a perfect presentation, and let’s be frank – it makes a lot of sense. 

One of the most shocking presentations was the one given by Piotr Konieczny, the founder of a security news portal Niebezpiecznik.pl. The title was “Sorry, you are about to be hacked” and it delivered exactly what it promised. Piotr discussed data threats that are coming with the use of modern technology. First he asked an obvious question: who blocks their laptop cameras (everybody), then the less obvious one followed: who blocks their phone camera (no one, but the audience chuckled). Nobody was as amused two minutes later when Piotr hacked the phones of the entire audience using a small device he brought. Following good security tips is one thing, understanding data security, even on the personal level is another thing. 

Jakub Bączek, a coach and enterpreneur proved that he is a great presenter and encouraged us to keep an eye on the trends but to think outside of the box. Sometimes the value for the client lays outside of the routine of the marketing work and the most efficient activities are the ones that are not obvious. Not that we didn’t know this, but it’s always worth reminding ourselves. 

E-commerce expert, Albert Radomski drew our attention to the ways of getting closer to a good tracking solution. If you’ve managed both Google Ads and Facebook ads, you know that conversion attribution is a challenge. Google Analytics tend to attribute most conversions to Google ads tools, on the other hand Facebook tends to attribute many conversions to itself. May it be that the Holy Grail of tracking is a combination of Facebook Analytics, Facebook Attribution, and Facebook’s LTV solutions? Probably not, but we may be getting a fuller picture using those tools. Facebook analytics also gives us  a unique opportunity to see what is the magic mix of engagement, post content, comments, views, and other interactions that leads to a sale


It’s safe to say that even though the talks may not cover the topics in-depth because of the limited time frame, they provide good topics to explore and some quality food for thought. Pretty much every member of the subko&co team, who attended, had their “eureka” moment and found topics that we think are worth further research. If you’re interested to see what comes to fruition, stay tuned and keep your eyes on our Facebook and Instagram – this is where you can find our latest work and case studies.