From new to renowned.
Dermo-Cosme shop.
PPC campaigns, social media banners, website traffic.

Making a leap from a debutant to a respected brand in no time? Quite a challenge! Pierre Fabre Dermocosmetique opened its first online store in Europe in November 2018. The goal was to grow the Dermo-Cosme Shop Brand, link it back to other Pierre Fabre Brands (Eau Thermale Avene, Klorane, Galenic, A-Derma), and build a database of loyal customers.


The key to success was creating an ecosystem of campaigns that compliment each other. Harnessing the potential of brand keywords on Google Search and Shopping. Boosting visibility and brand notoriety through Facebook Ads.


We opted for visibility, so we built an online presence through display banners and associating the products with the Dermo-Cosme Shop Brand.

Display and search campaigns

Our display and search campaigns built a high level of trust with customers and multiplied the traffic on the website ten times in the first 3 months.


Sales also skyrocketed – they tripled in the first 4 months through regular optimization and NB tests on key performance platforms.

Never settle!

Never settle! We constantly performed NB tests and improved our results and conversion rate.