Fit, healthy, colorful.
The new way of attracting the attention of foodies!

Sometimes the flavor of tasty ingredients aren’t enough and you need some premium marketing. That’s why the French brand Gula (selling nuts and dried fruit online) reached out to us and asked us to manage their sales campaigns on their social media. We couldn’t say “no” of course to foodies looking for help!


We launched a 2-month campaign targeted at groups with certain interests. Firstly, we focused on matching our visual materials with the users we were targeting. Our allies were min imalistic, yet powerful – modern banners bursting with colors that easily attracted the attention of potential customers.

Personalized banners

We also segmented the users based on their interests, such as “healthy”, “well-being” or “foodie”. Personalized banners helped to convert the audience into customers.


Thanks to our campaigns with custom targeting, we tripled the number of sales and we’ve even managed to lower the CPA (cost per acquisition) by 50%.

Custom targeting

Ads were displayed for: the users who visited Gula’s website in 180 days or less, clients who made a purchase as well as those who abandoned their carts.

Remarketing campaigns

In audience retargeting, carousel ads proved most effective along with dynamic ads that automatically retrieved the products from Gula’s catalog.