Time for a coffee!
Premium blends carefully selected by Auchan's baristas.

There’s no better way to start the day than with a cup of coffee -that’s why we introduced Auchan’s clients to the brand’s coffee blends with a great deal of pleasure. Even though we could talk about coffee for hours, we wanted to keep it simple – that’s why we distinguished the coffee’s detailed descriptions and prices.


The subpage was divided into 4 sections: “Our coffees”, “Cooking with coffee”, “Tips&Tricks” and “Auchan’s advice”. Each section was created in a concise, user-friendly manner, and demonstrated the brand’s wide offer of selections while providing a vast range of opportunities for exploring the world of Auchan’s coffee.

Product presentation

Our marketing campaign ensured Auchan’s online exposure and put the retailer’s brand in a new, customer-friendly, artisan light.

Responsive design

No matter the device – desktop, tablet or mobile – our solution was fully responsive and visually stunning for all coffee-lovers.

Videos and recipes

In addition to promotional materials, we created a series of clips and recipes as a source of inspiration to experiment with coffee.

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