27 free image, video and music libraries

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Being on a tight budget, with no cash for a top photographer or a fancy illustrator – sounds familiar? Been there done that, and we know that the budget doesn’t always stretch the way we want. What then? Luckily for marketers, there are libraries out there that offer awesome, high quality resources: images, animations, videos, illustration, you name it – absolutely for free. Obviously, you can’t sell these resources and if you plan to use the images of people in potentially offensive way – think twice. Here is a list of  quality libraries that we recommend.

Disclaimer: in the description we quote basic rules of use. However, each time you want to use free images, music or videos, read the license and make sure you understand the terms “public domain” and “Creative Commons”.

Public domain – means that no one owns the piece of content and you can use it in any way you want.

Creative Commons – means that the content is protected by some copyrights, depending on a specific (one of four) licence.


  • Pexels – you are allowed to edit the image, use it commercially, and you don’t have to attribute the author.
  • Unsplash – all photos can be downloaded, and used for free for commercial and non-commercial purposes and attribution is not expected (but appreciated). What’s cool about it is that many cultural institutions are adding their collections to Unsplash. If you need vintage photographs, woodcuts or old prints – this is the place to go!
  • Freepik – free for commercial use, but attribution is necessary
  • Free Nature Stock – if your project in your mind sounds like David Attenborough’s voice, then Free Nature Stock is what you are looking for. High quality images of nature: animals, plants, views, whatever you need to promote your outdoorsy brand or natural products. (CC-0)
  • Pixabay – Over 500 000 images! You can modify them and use them for commercial and-non commercial use. Attribution is not required!
  • Life of Pix – We like Life of Pix for their natural photos. Sometimes it’s hard to say if it’s a vintage snap from your family album, or carefully arranged professional photo. Very cool!
  • Gratisography – Free 30-days trial allows you to download (and keep!) up to 10 photos from Shutterstock – and you can cancel any time!
  • Splitshire – Daniel Nanescu created a website to share his awesome photos and videos with the world. Wow, thank you Daniel, they are awesome! You can use the photos and videos, but not in controversial, violent or discriminatory projects.
  • Public Domain Archive – breathtaking photographs, free to use for commercial and non-commercial purpose.
  • Kaboompics – commercial and noncommercial use is allowed, attribution is not necessary, but Kaboompics don’t have rights to brands and works of art that appear in the pictures so keep that in mind.
  • Flickr – Flickr was initially a platform where photographers could show their works. Users can browse for pictures with a licence filter, including “free for commercial use” or “free for commercial use and modifications”


  • Skribbl – a (small) collection of black-and-white doodles and simple black-and-white illustrations
  • Blues Dual Tone Free Illustration – 60 filled-outline style illustrations depicting people and activities, made available by GetIllustrations.com. Available in vectors and easily editable.
  • Mega Doodle Pack – a bundle of 160 sticker-style, comic-like doodles, published on GitHub. SVG and PNG available.
  • Bottts – Pablo Stanley built a free Sketch App library to help you create robot images. You can choose colors, adjust antennas and other details!
  • Black Illustrations – Feeling like the standard illustration packs are not very diverse? You are not alone! Black Illustrations created packs of images (some paid, some not), showing black people. Simple as that.
  • 404 Illustrations – Kapwing, a collaborative platform for creating images, videos, and GIFs, created this collection to help you make your 404 pages quirky and interesting.
  • unDraw – a small collection created by. Simple tricolor illustrations mostly depicting people. What is really cool is a feature that allows you to choose the third color (after black and white) so that the image will match your brand’s color palette.
  • Scale by Flexiple – elaborate illustrations, covering a broad palette of topics – not only office work or tech, but also disability, architecture or sport. A new illustration added daily!
  • Ouch! by Icon8. You will like this one – Icon8 has been known for high quality, free icons, but they have illustrations too! And when we say illustrations we mean very pretty, artistic illustratons, that can be used for free with attribution – high resolution images are paid but not much.
  • DrawKit– as they say: “Hand-drawn vector illustration and icon resources”. It’s free, but you can donate as much as you like to support the artists.


  • YouTube Audio Library – is a channel created for video content creators who need some background music. Atribution is required and you need to consult the artist if you want to use your content outside of YouTube. You can’t alter, sell the music, or claim it as your own.
  • Free Music Archive – over 1,500 public domain tracks, licensed for commercial use


  • Life of Vids – is a younger brother of Life of Pix from the “Photos” section above. The rules of use are pretty much the same.
  • Videvo – Unlike many video libraries, that grew out of photography stocks, this library is exclusively about videos. Different videos have different licences so make sure you check the licence before using the clip of your choice.
  • Pexels – we mentioned Pexels in the “photographs” section – they have awesome videos too! …
  • Pixabay – … and the same (with the same licences) applies to Pixabay!

PS. Remember that being an artist has never been easy! If you can – donate, attribute and follow them on Instagram or Behance