Facebook Power Retargeting

By Artur Bala on October 3rd In Retargeting

Retargeting helps the advertisers to maintain the interest for the product and remind the customer about the potential purchase. However, it possesses several drawbacks which have to be taken into consideration while planning your marketing strategy. We discovered a more powerful way of reaching your potential customers through retargeting. Wanna know more? Read along.

The user browses the Internet in search for an item, let’s say the recently released iPhone 6. Often the client, out of curiosity would browse for similar products on the website – not being his primary interest though – iPad, Macbook Air just to mention the few. These products however are not of his priority interest and the likelihood of purchase is relatively low. When the user goes to Facebook, he/she sees an advert of the product he/she had been looking on Google.


Classic GDN remarketing would record all these hits as valid and would show the adverts based on every hit. In this case the user during the subsequent visit would see the ads of iPhone 6, an iPad and Macbook Air. Thus, not only the ones that can generate sale in the future. However, we’re able to identify what interests the potential customer the most.


Thanks to our mechanism – power Facebook retargeting, the advertisers are given more power and are able to address their ads to the people who search for the specific product.


How we are doing it? We tag the Google AdWords adverts using the manual tags specific to a particular phrase. Thus we know what’s the primary phrase that has been searched in Google Search by a certain user. After the user clicked on our ad with a specific tag added in the URL, we can add him to specific Custom Audience on Facebook and retargret him with a specific ad, made-to-measure ad. This way we only show the adverts that are likely to generate a sale.


Let’s take another example. Say, you’re looking for a vacation destination and we’re the website that lists different hostels offering.  Paris interests you the most, so you put the phrase ‘Paris hostel’ into Google. Thanks to the fact that we tagged the advert with the manual tag, we know that this destination interests you the most. During your session, you’re likely to type different destinations on our website, let’s say in order to see whether Paris hostels are more expensive than the ones in Madrid (they are!). So you put ‘Madrid hostel’ on the search. We already know that this isn’t your primary interest, so when you finish your session, and you will logged-in to Facebook we’ll show you the Facebook ads of Paris hostels instead of the ones in Madrid.


We believe that displaying irrelevant content is useless and cannot be voted as cost-effective. That’s why we’ll only show you the ads that’ll truly interest you.