AdWords Customizers

By Artur Bala on October 10th In Google AdWords

Google has introduced a brief preview of what it calls to be ‘the Tools for the Power User’. The feature is called ‘Ad Customizers’ and is now rolling out of beta over the next few weeks.


Ad customizers have been designed to help advertisers optimize ads at scale. It is being compared to Dynamic Keyword Insertion on steroids. Thanks to the new tool, the advertisers can customize ads on the fly. This proves especially helpful when preparing tailored messaging, time-sensitive calls to action, or setting up text of numerous ads with multiple variations.


How does this dynamic copy insertion work, exactly? Let’s say you want to advertise several models of tablets in your campaign. How many variables can be found in the ad? There are a couple, for instance the brand, model, and price. Based on that info, a template ad is created in order to deploy in each ad group. On the basis of the supplied target campaigns and groups of the ads, each ad is updated with brand, the model and price. This allows to manage multiple ads in a more effective, time-saving way. What is also worth outlining is the fact that these dynamic ads are optimized for reporting, so that everything keeps being associated with a single ad, even when you change the parameters.


Some powerful use example of the Ad Customizers include for example using the tool to pefrorm clearance in a store. A single ad can be used with different variables, so that the advertiser does not have to update ad copy repeatedly. Helpful, less time-consuming and easy. Just the way we like it.


Ad customizers, as mentioned before, are said to be only the glimpse of what Google plans to introduce in the following months. We definitely expect a broader range power tools as they make what we love to do far easier!